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Welcome to Helios Electric.

Our services mix a broad range of electrical, mechanical, robotics, environmental and computer engineering skills to develop hi-tech products and the software that powers them.

Our professional  design team integrates and implements complex engineering development projects for corporate and educational institutions.  Projects include designing electrical infrastructure for developing countries, advanced 3D CAD modeling, micro-controller design, software development, new product development, manufacturing of robotics and contract manufacturing to help reduce costs and increase productivity. 

This beginning of a new energy era is the ability to accelerate the use of various new types of energy products.  The expansion of internet and mobile devices allows us to integrate technology into our every day lives. 

We also provide educational programs for high school and college students, engineering project management, technical consulting services, CNC machining and other metal fabrication services.

Helios Electric is about working with individuals and companies that are making the investment into their future.  We are a Hi-Tech organization that helps individuals and corporations develop and integrate their products into where you live, work, and how you get around. Helios Electric will apply our extensive engineering experience to help our clients achieve their goals.

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