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  Welcome to Helios Electric

The era of inexpensive and easy access to fossil fuels is over. What we are paying is not only in more dollars, but also in lives, health, and lost integrity of the biological systems that sustain life on the planet.  Helios Electric is about working with people and companies that are making the investment in their future.  We are a technology company that manufactures and integrates renewable energy into where you live, work, and how you get around.

Welcome to our website.  It is designed to give you a tour through some of our past projects including the installation of solar on an underground home, to living off the grid, and conversion of a fossil-fuel car to an all-electric vehicle.  You can follow our projects and how your community is changing by receiving our newsletters.

This beginning of a new energy era is your ability to accelerate the use of renewable energy.  We can all make a difference and further reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by becoming energy independent and environmentally clean.  Helios Electric will apply our extensive experience to helping our clients achieve their goals.

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